Silviculture and Forest Management


What is Forest Management?

  • Forest management is the application of appropriate technical forestry principles, practices and business techniques (e.g., accounting, cost/benefit analysis, etc.) to the management of a forest to achieve the owner’s objectives.
  • Stated more simply, forest management is providing a forest the proper care so that it remains healthy and vigorous and provides the products and the amenities the landowner desires.
  • Forest management is not so much a subject or a science as it is a process. Think of it as the development and execution of a plan integrating all of the principles, practices and techniques necessary to care properly for the forest.

Credit: Randell B. Heiligmann, Extension Specialist, Ohio State University

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Silviculture and Forest Management

What is Forest Management?
Forest Management Systems
Even-Aged Management
Clearcutting (Regeneration Cutting)
Shelterwood Cutting
Seed Tree
Intermediate Cutting
Uneven-Aged Management
Forest Inventory
Basal Area
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